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that shooting and will decide if it was justified. >>> just into our newsroom, oakland is the first u.s. city to offer combination government i.d.s and bank cards to all citizens. city council members voted to give the final go ahead during tonight's session. all residents can get a card. the debit card fax function keeps people from having to carry cash. the cards will roll out in 60 to 90 days. the price will be a one-time fee of $10 for minors and senior citizens and $15 for adults. richmond is considering a similar program. >>> it was standing room only at milpitas city council meeting. the topic, outsourcing the police department. citizens attended to tell the mayor why they don't think it will work for their city. when the community found out they turned to facebook to gather support against that idea. >> we kind of have become the face of the community. and as a result of that, we've heard a lot of feedback from people that they want to keep those kind of services in this community. >> i have no idea what your financial situations are, where you are looking for money. but do not take i
jail. police call the death suspicious. if ruled the homicide it would be the city's first of the year. >>> a shocking, twisted case in the south bay as a prominent doctor is charged with numerous drug felonies. dr. marvin bonnham is accused of writing prescriptions in exchange for cash and other drugs. investigators say he was providing drugs to minors, and also raised questions about sexual favors for drugs. the doctor's los gatos home was filled with marijuana, drug paraphernalia and several guns. his former colleagues are calling the situation a tragedy. >> i was shocked. i was astonished and saddened. >> he was at one time a highly respected and very caring compassionate pediatrician. and for some time a naval administrator. >> also arrested was bonham's roommate. they started to check up on the doctor because his desk job involved no patients and he was writing plenty of patients. he will be arraigned tomorrow. >>> oracle team usa is pushing forward. the team managed to salvage some of the $8 million catamaran that capsized on san francisco bay yesterday. we want to show you vide
burglars took their jewelry. when they took the family puppy, a san jose city councilman stepped in. burglars first broke into melissa's home last summer. on monday her south san jose home was burglarized again. this time, though, the bad guys took her 10-year-old daughter's brand new puppy. the little yorkie mix. tonight the little girl has a message for those dog knappers. >> if you bring it back, that would mean the world to me. and i would be willing to give anything. you could have stolen anything from my room but just not my puppy. >> have a heart. get the puppy back. little marisa is offering her piggybank as a reward along with $6,000 put up by the council member and san jose police and fire departments. >>> today was day one of match qualifying at the america's cup world series taking place in the san francisco bay. and among the winners, team korea whose skipper is barely old enough to order a beer. nbc bay area's lauren scott got a chance to take a ride on the high seas and meet sailing's newest phenom. >> lauren scott on the bay with team korea and the youngest skipper b
, to finish out the day. 64 in redwood city. the mid-60s down to san jose. for the first series of the games in the world series, let's get this out right. you're going to see a chance of showers at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 p.m. and for the second game on thursday in san francisco, it will be dry and mid-60s and 4:00 p.m. and saturday in michigan, cold and showery. tomorrow, we do not expect a rainout. a 1% chance of that happening. and a chance of a rain delay, only 30% at this time. you can bring your umbrellas at at&t park. but they like the fold-up kind. as we head throughout friday, saturday and sunday, the mid to upper 70s. rain tomorrow morning. and looks like it will be here in time for the giants by the afternoon. >> 1%. there's a 99% chance there's no rain. >> exactly. >> that's good. >> thanks. >>> coming up, they're cutting jobs today and could release more bad news tomorrow. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪ ♪ in everything you do [ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal. it's one box with hundreds of pos
" says it did not approve this ad and wants it pulled from the airwaves. >>> it is a first for san francisco, a target store, not just ordinary target, though. it's a city target. or as we like to call it, tar-jay. that meant a long, long line to get into the official opening tonight at san francisco's metreon. it is one of eight smaller stores opening all across the country to serve busy urbanites they call it. it opens an hour earlier at 7:00 a.m. it features a separate active apparel store, and it has an outdoor seating and eating area. >>> silicon valley's startup spirit is moving north. fremont is now ranked the top city in the nation for tech startups., a san francisco-based website found fremont has the most tech startups before capita. the rate of startups is twice as high as san jose which placed second. city officials of fremont say they've made it a priority to lure entrepreneurs to the city. >>> a group of young techies have figured out a way to live the high life in one of san francisco's toniest hoods without breaking the bank. stephanie trong joins us with
. >> tomorrow marks a year since the first round of the oakland demonstration. they say they're ready if there is. they point to progress like a downtown makeover and they say city pride will hopefully keep people from vandalizing businesses and leave the city in shambles. they say it is optimistic, but that mutual police aide is on standby. >> president obama is pulling an all-nighter. he made a stop in southern california for an appearance on t "the tonight show" with jay leno. the president greeted with a standing ovation from a packed audience. he talked about a wide range of topics near and dear to the bay area and in facebook. however, he refuses to endorse a team. one ot highlights from the night was when he was asked about the situation between him and donald trump. >> this all dates back from when we were growing up together in kenya? >> i've got to give you that one. >> you can hear more immediately following this newscast. giants fans have seen her at the ballpark for years. in fact, for decades. but as of tonight, the entire country saw the most famous grandmother in the b
. with the new fans there at the coliseum. some new friends. for the first time in nine years the a's and the giants are going to the postseason. playoff fever in san francisco tonight. the tower is looking nice. lit up in orange and so is city hall. the giants open this week at at&t park. the aempb's might also be hosting in oakland. the 49ers will be playing at home. you throw in the america's cup and the blue angels in addition to the a's, giants, 49ers, the weekend will be active to say the least. stay with us for complete on air and how to get around. >>> new at 11:00, the coast guard tells us family members of a michiganing fisherman found the body. they were searching north of pigeon point when they found him. he was one of four men on a fishing trip. the boat capsized after waves slammed into it. two men wearing lifejackets managed to swim to shore and alerted authorities but the other two men were not wearing life vests. >>> first the arrests, now the death. a popular teacher accused of plefing a former student has apparently killed himself. james izumizaki's body was found
hosting a super bowl, the february 2016 game would be the first chance of it. most fans say they would be happy to split super bowl-related events between the city sfwls a city is a city. i think people want to come and have a good time and spend their money here. >> i definitely want the super bowl to be in santa clara because my son will take me to the game. >> reporter: if the nfl announces tomorrow that san francisco is in con teng ftenti have to make a live presentation in front of nfl owners in may who will have the final decision. live in santa clara, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >>> a political fight over san jose's police department intensified this weekend. and it has to do with the city council woman who's up for re-election and is making some controversial accusations. >> her comments, attempt to disparage an entire police force. >> the newest controversy stems from a campaign advertisement many san jose voters got in the mail on friday. in the mailer council woman rose herrera accuses police union leaders of encouraging tactics such as delaying response
. >> we have minor hot spots throughout the city but it is something we anticipated and we have con tin jetingencies set i. and we have officers. the key thing is we want to make sure everyone is safe and that our first responders are safe and the public. so, you know, when dealing with large crowds like this we want them to enjoy themselves and celebrate and have their moment in the city but we want to make sure no one is injured in the process. >> absolutely. >> that is the most important thing. >> you let us know how many police officers you have? what the plan is for the evening. >> our team what a no discretionary time off. we have quite a few officers that have been working throughout the world series. we are ewing all of the resources available and we are working with the department of works, as well and our fire department and other allied agencies that assist us. >> one more question for you, carlos. you know, we talked about the parade two year ago and the parade coming up. obviously you have to prepare for that, pe police department has to prepare for that. it was incredible
learned it is important to know what police are doing to keep the city safe. >> we are very concerned. all of us make a lot of sacrifices to hold it here. it is unprecedented things happening here in the neighborhood. we feel that our safety is first and foremost. we want this to be a safe and happy community. >> some say they are planning on installing their own surveillance equipment to help fight crime. >>> a brawl between two youth football coaches is generating a lot of hits on youtube. the fight happened saturday on the grant high school football field in sacramento where two teams of 13 year olds were playing. it was caught on the cell phone of a concerned parent. she said she posted the video as an example of poor role models. >> it was sad to see what happened on that day because these grown men who are supposed to be examples to these young kids. we are not in the best neighborhood. we are looking to these coaches to be role models. >> sports leaders say there is something positive. they say it is a teachable moment when parents and coaches can talk about what happened and why it
and vallejo streets in the city's north beach neighbor. san francisco police evacuated a building after emergency responders reportedly found dangerous chemicals at the scene of an paernlg suicide. dispatchers got the emergency call around 7:30 tonight. first responders reportedly smelled some sort of chemical as soon as they arrived on the scene. now the fire department is working to clear the chemicals. the red cross is assisting people who were evacuated. the area shut down to traffic. this is a developing situation. we will update as we get new details. >>> now to our continuing coverage of the giants' playoff run. the bay area is abuzz with excitement as the giants prepare to play game six of the national league championship series tomorrow. thanks in large part to pitcher barry zito who led the team to victory last night. as nbc bay area's kimberly tere found. >> reporter: the giants arrived home layoff last night. winning game five in the national league championship series. the giants need to win tomorrow and then monday to make it into the world series against detroit. >> they'
of energy. it will be the first time. the student understand what a grand scale this is. you're playing for a world championship baseball team twice in a row. it's quite an honor to represent the city and the school. >> reporter: about a million people are going to descend on market street to get a glimpse of the giants. but it's all about getting there early. >> traffic's going to be a nightmare. we have to get into town, make sure we're here and be ready for the parade tomorrow. >> we will be ready, too. our live coverage starts at 11:00 a.m. if you have to work, cow can watch it on our website. you can check out our victory page dedicated to the giants and their fans. we'll see you then. >>> the storm that was once hurricane sandy is crashing through pennsylvania. it will move into canada tomorrow. but tonight, new yorkers are picking up the pieces literally and figuratively. the storm killed at least 46 people on the east coast. right now, 6.6 million people remain without power in 15 states and the district of columbia. new york public transportation is getting back to normal after
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12